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✔️ Method get skin:  
We bought it from people who owned S20 but didn't play Fortnite,  
that's perfectly legal because they spent $ 1,500 to buy S20.
✔️ Method delivery:  
That means we will get the skin on your own account, you need to give us your account login information (Epic, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo)
Don't worry for your account security, we can't do anything bad when you keep the email corner of the account.
- Information to be provided is: Email, Password and Epic name
- You need to    TURN OFF 2FA
✔️ Time delivery:  
⏱️ Time delivery 1-8hours after placing an order 
Working time (9:00 AM - 9:00 PM; 24/7; GMT +7) 
🎮 Available on all platforms 
To save time, we recommend using your Epic account
IRIS BUNDLE include:
The new Iris skin is the skin for the new Samsung S20 / S11 releasing in 11 February at Galaxy Unpacked!

Do not worry, if there is no information about IRIS you will receive a 100% refund